Be the Winner in Visual Brand Identity

Your brand is the public image for what you have to propose to others. Goals on how you want other to perceive the brand can be set, once you know what factor contributes to your brand uniqueness and the reason why others will be interested about it. This may requires some deep thoughts about what the brand represent today and what it could portray in 10 years or even 50 years. Thinking toward the future will help you envision broader goals.

Visual brand identity is the most important factor when you build your own brand. With a consistent visual identity resounds to the customers more persuasively and benefited of needing to invest significantly less money in the long run on marketing and advertising. Aiming for the long run business, the following checklist will aid in building brand identity effectively.


The Must Haves for Your Visual Brand Identity;

  • A simple color palette

It should consist of 1-3 primary colors and 2-3 secondary colors (Black and white count). Make customers remember your brand, colors visually have this power! OEM2YOU, a cosmetic manufacturing company gets it right playing with colors. Simply matching maroon and white, OEM2YOU offers a feminine yet professional outlook.


  • A primary logo mark and word mark.

Keep it simple and nice so that customer can easily recognize your brand. Logo that can’t easily read is just a waste of money.

  • Fonts

Fonts selections can be found in computers or you can create your own one in a million fonts specially made for your company in reflection of the uniqueness of your brand.

  • Some sort of texture

Texture could be a intricate pattern or a simple color overlay that you apply on top of photography. No matter which type of texture you pick, one thing is to confirm that it can be used on everything from prints to your website.

  • Tips for photography

Through photographs in websites and social media you post, people are judging your brand professionalism. Do set what should be and not to be included in the photographs.

Once you have these items, your brand’s visual identity should be fine. Anything above and beyond this is extra credit. When you’re done with building a great brand identity, it’s your time to use it! Without persuasive implementation, a great brand means nothing. Once you made it to the winner stage where your brand looks and speaks itself like a winner, it will be the best salesperson in your company. Use it for inbound marketing or outbound marketing. An effective brand is only effective if it makes you money!

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